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The Air Caster All Load Movers Features

Air Casters

Air Caster allows for precise positioning of your load and Air Caster Corporation’s air bearing load mover is a structural load-carrying frame with a single Air Caster. Air Caster  these move hundreds even thousands of tons easily. The Air Caster load mover are normally used in sets o four or more to give friction free, easy movement of heavy loads.

As individual units, Air Caster load movers provide the variety of load having the maximum for moving a range of widths and lengths. Air Caster allow intermittent movement on productions lines to increase productivity , Available in a wide range of capacities, Air Caster the load movers are simply space apart as needed to support and carry the load, these units are used   by maintenance departments and riggers and referred to as Air Skids and Air Skates.

The Air Caster Allow Omni-directional movement and side-shifting capability, the lighter weight aluminum structures are more portable. The steel units are normally bolted or attached to the machine or fixture to be moved and portability is not an issue. A standard offering of Load movers is available in both aluminum and steel.

Air Caster Load movers have these features:

  • Air Casters allow for precise positioning of your load.
  • Slide out Air Caster mounting that allows the Air Caster to be serviced without lifting the load.
  • Versatile-position to fit most any load, movement.
  • Easy positioning and easy movement.
  • Low floor capacities and loading prevents damage that frequently occurs.
  • Rollers or with steel wheel.
  • Air Caster to handle extremely difficult loads a use as many units needed.

The Air Caster Cost a fraction of what other heavy load moving or precise positioning systems cost… Cracks and other surface defects can interrupt the proper flow of air causing the air cushion to dissipate and thus lose its ability to lift. This limits their application to fields like manufacturing, where such surfaces are abundant. Also necessary is connection to a system which provides compressed air, as well as a power supply. Air Casters require a smooth, non-porous surface in order to maintain lift and operate properly.

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