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Albion Caster

Albion Caster

By Dina

Albion Casters

Albion Casters

Albion Caster- In the caster industry Albion Inc. has evolved into one of the most recognized names, since it’s founding in 1947. That’s because they do more than just sell wheels and casers. They deliver custom-engineered, reliable solutions.

Albion Caster industry struck up a partnership with Fallshaw Casters and Wheels in order to offer a new line of furniture casters to keeping with they innovative traditions. In Australia Fallshaw Casters and Wheels are manufactured. Industrial casters, furniture casters, medical casters are some range product of the Fallshaw casters and wheels. They product are with signature style very competitive prices and first-class and performance. The Fallshaw exclusive supplier product line in America is Albion Caster.

Albion Caster industrial and institutional to meet your most challenging material handling problems. Albion Caster including light, medium and heavy duty casters, spring loaded casters, kingpinless casters, custom and specialty casters and more. Albion Caster  wheels for light, medium, and heavy duty applications are available in a wide variety of styles including cast iron, drop forged steel, nylon, phenolic, polypropylene, standard polyurethane and Vulkollan polyurethane in addition to rubber tread and antimicrobial materials.

Albion Casters- 90 Series Heavy Duty Casters

Albion Caster 90 series heavy duty product feature:

  1. Albion Caster load capacities from 680 to 3500 pounds.
  2. Albion Caster Top Plate – AISI 1045 drop forged steel, for strength and reliability.
  3. Albion Caster Yoke Base – AISI 1045 drop forged steel with machined raceway for extended service life.
  4. Albion Caster Swivel Load Bearing – 4″ diameter deep-grooved load raceway with 1/2″ steel balls for better load distribution.
  5. Albion Caster The thrust race is 2-5/8″ diameter using 3/8″ diameter steel balls for increased capacity.
  6. Albion Caster Legs – 3/8″ x 3″ steel plate welded inside and out for added strength. King Bolt – 1″ diameter bolt and nut heat treated for extended service.
  7. Albion Caster Axle – 3/4″ and 1″ hollow axles are used for wheel bearing lubrication.
  8. Albion Caster Spanner Bushing – Hardened and ground to provide precision inner race for roller bearing wheel.
  9. Albion Caster Lubrication – Zerk fitting in yoke base and in wheel hub or recessed in head of hollow axle.
  10. Albion Caster Finish – All rigs are zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

For more detailed product of the Albion Caster visit: http://www.albioninc.com/

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