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Antique Caster

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Tente Smile Caster is Only One in the World One of Antique Caster

By Dina

Antique Casters

Antique Casters

One of the Antique Caster especially for the colorful and lively word of children’s bedrooms is Tente Smiles Casters. This Antique Caster is new design idea in the world and the only one of its kind in the world.

This Antique Caster completely with friendly faces of the different smiles designed possible for furniture and manufacture. As robust furniture castors of the Antique Caster made of synthetic material without or with a brake (Locking Caster), they make almost all children’s furniture movable and give it that extra special fair. Application Antique Casters of the Tente Smile Caster are no limits to your imagination when using the new “smiles”. Some application there Antique Casters as for chests of drawers, swivel chairs, children’s beds, cradles, toy containers, stands on wheels, bedside tables, computer tables, desk chairs, flower pots, trolleys and much more.

This Antique Caster special design comes to the castors appearance. One color or multi-colored, synthetic components in different colors, painted or printed to your specifications, new faces – no problem at all for TENTE! Making an individual smile castor to your specifications is a challenge that our designers and technicians will meet with a smile! This Antique Caster is fulfilling of the TENTE quality standard.

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