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Ball Bearing Casters

Ball Bearing Casters

Carbon Steel Ball

Ball bearing represent one of casters component, it’s has very importance role in the casters. In the casters ball bearings weared are steel ball bearing for steel casters, stainless ball bearing for stainless casters and plastic ball bearing for plastic casters. Ball Bearing Casters used in the casters at wheels and swivel casters. In the swivel casters, Ball Bearing Casters compiled as fulcrums so that swivel casters can function. Strength of the Swivel casters one of them is determined by quality of the Ball Bearing Casters.

Ball Bearing Casters have many types, dimensions and surface finish quality. Some types when used in the steel casters are low carbon steel ball, high carbon steel ball, chrome steel ball etc. Steel Ball bearings also have many dimensions or sizes (diameters): 2mm to 12,7mm and 5/64” to ½”. While grades of steel ball bearings are #200 to #2000, when higher grade of the steel ball bearings that surface progressively refine and progressively small tolerances.

If you find steel ball bearing for your casters manufacture or other application, you can find in www.steelmedia.com. When you can chosen high carbon steels with many dimension and many grades. These carbon steel ball bearing products from Technocon Engineers manufacture India. These carbon steel ball available to Ball Bearing Casters when properties these carbon steel balls offers standard in  AISI 1085, 1080, 1065, 1060, C85, C80, C65, C60 carbon steels. Before you purchase of the Ball Bearing Casters, you must see detailed material properties, standard product, hardness and grade accommodated with your application. So you not wrong buy of the Ball Bearing Casters.

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