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Bassick Casters

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Bassick Casters

By Dina

Bassick Casters- Shepherd Corporation offers the complete of the Bassick Casters. The product of the Bassick Casters solutions to meet your medium heavy duty caster and heavy duty caster mobility needs. Bassick Casters have a variety of fastening or mounting models, wheels, and brake option. Bassick Casters also available for your store fixture, medical bed, food service or other material handling applications.

Bassick Casters HA/HB Series

Bassick casterOne of the product Bassick Casters are HA/HB series casters with simple design and inclusive of the best casters. Bassick Casters HA/HB series range to variety of the load capacity between 2000 to 3500 lbs per caster. There casters inclusive heavy duty casters of the class. The Bassick Casters of the HA/HB series is simple of the best casters available for your heavy duty truck, engine stand or assembly line dolly. The Rigid Caster of the Bassick Casters are manufactured to the highest quality, swivel casters of the Bassick Casters combining free swiveling with trouble free performance and long life. The component of the Bassick Casters featuring with heavy forged steel top plate and legs, a tapered rolling bearing for the king pin load, and a 1” king bolt that is integrally forged into top plate. The Bassick Casters of the HA/HB series will be sure to give your product the absolute best in performance and value.


  • 2-1/2” wide wheels for increased load handling
  • Tapered roller bearing for kingpin load
  • 1” Kingbolt, integrally forged into top plate
  • Legs fully welded inside and out for added strength and durability
  • Gold painted finish


  • Fixture Trucks
  • Heavy Engine Stands
  • Assembly Line Trucks
  • Abusive Applications
  • Rough Floors

Plate Mounting Dimension:

  • Plate size is 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ overall, with 3-3/8×5-1/4″ hole spacing; 1/2″ bolt holes.

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