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Bed Casters

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Bed Casters Reviews

By Dina

Bed Caster

Bed Caster

If you are considering spending the money for quality Bed Casters, like adjustable Bed Casters, you need to do a bit of research to make sure you are spending your money wisely. Adjustable Bed Casters can make a huge difference in your using experience. You will use your bed by balmy, because your bed can be set the height according to your desire. Lifts bed up to 10” by increasing the empty space under bed. Adjustable Bed Casters also equipped with break. So the bed can be keeps bed in place. That matter can be increasing your freshment in your sleep.

The wheel of the Bed Casters made from the rubber soft tread with black color in dimension 2 1/8”. The tread soft roller is ideal using for wood floor. If you need the adjustable Bed Casters you will get your order fast, because Shepherd Hardware have 8 warehouse in the U.S.A. Warehouse locations are Cape Girardeau,MO, Medina,OH, Lexington,SC, Montgomery,NY, Dixon,IL, Waco,TS, Woodburn,OR, Mesquite,NV.

Product feature :

  1. Product name: 227706 Adjustable Bed Casters
  2. Brand: Shepherd
  3. Color of wheel:       Black
  4. Diameter of wheel: 2 1/8”
  5. Item weight: 4 pounds

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