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Bespoke Caster Solution

Caster Solution

If you as customer need casters for special condition may be you will not find in standard casters. All casters manufacture makes a standard production caster. So they have each standard when you only find from that casters standard.

Casters special dimension, load capacity, types, models and other specification are only to be obtained with bespoke caster. Where you find supplier or manufactures supply bespoke caster solution? Blickle Wheels and Castors supply many bespoke solution for customer specific applications.

They are manufacturer in UK and have more than 20.000 standard caster products. They work closely with customers to develop the correct solutions for their requirements. They have a long history of manufacturing castors and use the very latest technologies to achieve this. This includes state of the art 3D CAD software, non-linear Finite Element methods, simulation software and extensive in house testing facilities. They try to use elements from their standard product range wherever possible to minimize costs and offer the very best delivery service without compromising the customer’s requirement.

Solutions for all Industries

Blickle Wheels & Castors set the world in motion: More than 20,000 different castor and wheel solutions for many applications including logistics, manufacturing, and hospitality, pharmaceutical, aerospace and handling equipment. The Blickle range offers the best solutions for load requirements from 15 kg to 20,000 kg. If you need to make your application mobile, Blickle will have a solution. The Blickle range is enhanced by the use of our modular system which builds on our standard range to offer solutions for most requirements.

• Plant Engineering & Construction

• Internal Logistic Material Supply

• Catering Trolleys

• Post Trolleys

• Bakery Racks

• Machine Manufacture

• Material Handling Equipment

You can find caster solution and contact below address and you can find in caster online.

Blickle Castors & Wheels Ltd.

30, Vincent Avenue

Crownhill, Milton Keynes

Bucks MK8 0AB

United Kingdom

• Phone: +44 1908 56 09 04

Fax: +44 1908 26 05 10

• E-mail: sales@blickle.co.uk

Internet: www.blickle.co.uk

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