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Brake Caster

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About Brake Caster

By Dina

Brake Casters

Brake Casters

Brake Caster, generally the casters of types are caster with brake and caster without brake. In all casters of the class there is 2 type, Brake Caster and caster non brake. Such as in heavy duty casters there are heavy duty casters with brake and non brake, and so in stem caster there is stem caster with brake and non brake, or etc. Brake of the Brake Caster is an equipment of the system when operated wheel rotation and swivel will not turn. Single brake system and double brake system are some models of the Brake Caster. Single brake system is wheel only lock when operated of the brake while double brake system or total lock brake usually term of the caster is wheel rotation and swivel will be lock when operated of the brake.

Brake Caster when specified, a manually operated with side or front mounted control lever parking brake shall be provided. The brake shall be tread contact type with, using a combination of pressure and friction to prevent wheel rotation. The control lever shall be readily accessible for operation, permitting quick and easy brake application and release. The control lever shall be capable of ensuring brake contact surface must be enough of the wheel thread surface.

One of the Brake Caster application for your furniture bed, we recommended you use bed casters with brake that if you use the furniture bed with bed caster brake, your furniture bed not easy to be moved.

For the scaffold you must be use the Brake Caster with strongly system of the brake because when the brake system of the Brake Caster is not strong hence can be dangerous.

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