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Brass Casters

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What Benefit Use Brass Casters?

Some casters for many purpose made from brass material thought we know that brass material is price costly. But however price costly they have many benefits that doesn’t have other casters. Brass Casters most used for furniture’s and pianos. Brass casters also inclusive of class antique casters because these casters have unique performance and unique models.

Brass casters have many types and models, there which made for all brass and combination between brass and nylon wheel. The mounting types of the Brass Casters also have any models, stem mounting, plate mounting or threaded stem mounting.

Brass Casters are casters that corrosive resistance, quality of these casters better than casters made from steel material, also these casters stronger than steel casters. The special benefits this casters are color perform that match with wood. Although now exist steel casters with arranged in layers the paint look like brass, but strength differ.

The pianos equipped with Brass Casters will looked to be nicely its appearance and looked to be less nicely if hence steel casters. I hope with this less information can assist for you choose the casters to be match with your pianos or other application.

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