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Caster Cap

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Benefits And The Type Of Caster Cap

Caster Cap basically have the functionality to protect the wheel bearing of the casters from the water, dirt, yarn and impact, the installation of cup caster wheel carried on between the two Caster Cap. Caster Cap has a lot depends on the type of raw material and the core purposes of Caster Cap consumer. Serve to protect the wheel bearing of the casters from damage that is not the views of the usefulness, if Caster Cap can be concluded that the most important uses is the wheel of the impact resistance and water.

When viewed from the raw materials used, types of Caster Caps have 3 types:

  1. Caster Cap base material using steel plate, iron plate material is usually in use has a thickness between 0.5 mm – 0.8 mm, Cup Caster process with a power press machine and the color coating process so as not to rust by using zinc electroplating. For own resilience of Caster Cap depending on the quality of materials used.
  2. Caster Cap for the second type is the use of nylon raw materials, raw materials second Caster Cap has many forms and making nylon Caster Caps are not as complex as a plate of raw materials, because they use the machine  workmanship wear injection. If the burden of nylon material for this Cup Caster limited to 100 kg.
  3. Caster Cap raw materials polyurethane, caster using this model has flexibility so that can withstand the weight of more than 100 kg manufacturing in Caster Cap is almost the same process with the nylon Caster Cap injection machine using polyurethane Caster Cap wheel is often used in hospital.

Of the three types above Caster Cap can be concluded that each Caster Cap has a shortage excess and it’s up to you choice, if you want the basic materials-iron plate which must accept the burden of a strong power or polyurethane wearing nylon and it’s up to your choice, which obviously has the entire Caster Cap each criteria. That’s about few Cup Casters that I know riding the raw materials used.

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