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Functions of the cup wheels on the caster cups

By Dina



Caster cups, be carefully when you choice of the casters for your application on the domestic used as well as seating or furniture, general service as well as shopping trolleys or office equipment, health care services as well as hospital beds or patient trolleys, industrial purposes as well as transport equipment with medium and heavy duty load bearing capacities. Choose the casters with wheel cups generally the casters cups of term. Why must be equipped of the cups wheel of the caster cups? Some people not understand function of the cup wheel. Caster cups with the cup wheels if you look a beautiful perform. Substantial function cup wheels of the caster cups are two of the functions. One of the function cup wheels of the caster cups for protection bearing in the wheels. Other function cup wheels of the caster cups for protection wheel rotation on the axle.

Bearing on the wheel of the casters cup must be protection from dirt, because if the dirt comes to bearing of the wheel hence bearing can be stuck. Caster cups also in application free of the yarn what twine on the axle. Cup wheels of the caster cups can be protecting that it.

The product equipped with the cup wheels are LEVINA casters brand mark from TENTE Corporation. The product from TENTE has now launched the next generation of the design castors. The result is a perfect balance of ideal design and technology. The new caster cups are made of high-grade synthetic material and are therefore largely resistant to all detergents and disinfectants currently available. There are different ways of securing the castor: screw plate, solid plug, M 10 or M 12 threaded bolts and a new bolt hole concept that allows screws to be inserted later.

Product feature:

Caster cups or swivel castor with total lock, tail end of castor, cup wheels or housing and wheels made from high grade synthetic materials, double ball bearing swivel head. Wheel centre made of Polypropylene, Tread: TENTEprene (thermoplastic rubber), grey non-marking, precision ball bearing, bolt hole.

Technical data:

Wheel diameter: 125 mm

Width of Tread: 32 mm

Hardness of tread: Shore A 87

Centre hole: 11 mm

Offset: 38 mm

Swivel Radius: 100.5 mm

Swivel Interference: 201 mm

Overall height: 161 mm

Temperature: – 20 / + 60 °C

Standard: EN 12530

Dynamic Load capacity: 100 kg

Static Load capacity: 200 kg

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