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Castors in the Hospitals

Castors or casters are material handling equipments that are installed onto the ends of machines, shopping cart trolleys, hospital beds, office chairs and much more to easily movement. Actually they do much the same task as that of normal wheels, but they have yoke and axle which the wheel is installed, changing the normal wheel into a caster or castor.

Now castors utilized in various applications such as in industry, shopping store, home office and much more. Castors demand increasing that indicates their wide applicability and reliability. Generally most castors are made according to specifications of their respective manufacturers; predominantly they come with accessories, brake mechanisms and a choice of swivel and rigid types to select from. This facilitates wider versatility of choice and ensures there are castors to fit all specifications and requirements.

Castors mainly belong to three broad categories-light duty, medium duty and heavy duty. Although these are open categories, castors are not rigidly bound to them. Light duty castors are often used in homes, in offices and in small-scale businesses where extreme loads are generally not part of daily business routine. The kind of equipment supported by the caster would naturally vary according to the kind of castor and its stipulated weight group. The approximate load quantity of lightweight castors is anything below 200lbs. However, this is but an estimated figure, and is liable to change depending on specific caster manufacturer.

In Hospitals several types of castors used that they have wheels different dimension, types of mounting and castors materials. Hospital equipment that used castors are the sick bed, food trolleys, infusion bottle stands, filling cabinets, cleaning service trolleys etc. They have stainless steels castors with nylon wheels; stem casters with rubber wheels also have special castors when used in hospitals. They are stem castors with total lock and stem castors with steer lock when used on hospital bed castors.

If you find hospital castors, you can search on internets place of word “hospital castors” or “hospital casters” in your search engine, you can look much suppliers or manufacturers hospital casters. You also look on Tente Casters; there you can find more over the caster wheels.

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