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Heavy Duty Castors

Heavy Duty Casters

Castors products consist of several categories like light duty, medium duty and heavy duty castors. These categories based on load capacity of the castors, but these are not consistent and are not confined to these categories in a strict sense. Other categories are extra heavy duty castors that used in extra transport shipment.

In most industry the material handling rely the castors and trusted material movement from one place to another. Heavy duty castors have weight load 500lbs-2600lbs per castor, this is an approximate figure and thus is less or more then allocated amount. If a castor is designed with a certain capacity so generally all type of castor wheel materials possible to support the allocated weight capacity. Castors manufacturer make castor wheels with accordance castors standard and through castors tests so hence operate without causing harm or damage to the freight or the handler.

Colson Castors and Wheels offer several types castors from weight capacity of 145-6000lbs. More 35.000 combination products and has wheel diameter from 2”-10”, from light duty to extra heavy duty castors. You can also find castors with several types mounting that stem castors fitting, plate castors mounting and threaded stem castors fitting.

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