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History of the Caster Wheels

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Ancient Wheels

Now, we know the caster wheels have many shapes, sizes and types. However, in ancient times the caster wheels have very simple construction. Approximately 3000-3500 B.C. ancient Mesopotamia have made the fist of wheels. In its simplest form, the wheel was a solid wood disk mounted on a round axle, to which it was secured by wooden pins.  Discovery of the wheels was the forerunner of the caster wheels. It led to more efficient use of animal power for agriculture and other work, and became an invaluable mechanical means for controlling the flow and direction of power or force. In material handling, the applications of the wheel and its counterpart the caster, in modern life and technology are virtually infinite.

The invention of the wheels has been a big boost for the caster wheels, when David A. Fisher patented the launch of furniture caster in 1876. At the turn of the century, most caster wheels are not heavy industrial type and were mainly conducted with all-wheel leather and glass, allowing easy movement of the wood floors. Most of the wheels were made of cast iron. Today, a lot of caster wheel material is available and the improvements are in development.

Tens of thousands of different types of caster wheels and rollers are available new every day are made with modern features such as brakes, steering lock, shock absorption, anti-bacterial and materials to the wheels.

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