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Locking Casters

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Locking Casters-Contour Solus Casters

By Dina

Brake Caster

Brake Caster

A lot of industrial casters manufactured some of casters product such as light duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy duty casters, and for many application such as for furniture casters, bed casters, chair casters and caster with lock or without lock. One of manufacture with caster produced is Colson Corporation; from many products of the Locking Casters are “Contour Solus Casters”. There lock or brake system of the Locking Casters using total locks brake. Perform of the Locking Casters with brand mark Colson is simple and beautiful. These products used in the hospital bed.

Standard Features:

  1. Foot brake or lock easily engaged; mechanically locks both swivel and wheel rotation
  1. Aluminum shell hides nuts and bolts
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Precision axle built to exacting tolerance for smooth operation and extended life
  4. These Locking Casters using precision bearings reduce maintenance and improve maneuverability
  5. Locking Casters available from a wide variety of colors

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