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Make Easy Your Trolleys

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If you are designing or will make a trolley with caster wheels you should considering some things. There are many kinds of caster wheels which are all designed in accordance with the requirements. Therefore you must choose the right caster wheels may suit your needs. Do not let the caster wheels are what you wear does not fit with your trolley design. Because if you wear the wrong caster wheels not only damaged your caster wheels also your trolley damaged.

May be you should design a fabrication material handling trolley that you must choose the caster wheels according there trolley, wheels dimensions, load capacity, types of wheels, mounting model, mounting dimension, overall high dimension etc you must known. Caster wheels for manufacture difference with for shopping cart caster wheels, each types of the caster wheels have the design and function difference.

If you have determined using caster wheels with a particular type of mounting, below things you should know:

  1. Plate casters, caster wheels with plate type mounting such as square, rounded or rectangular there mounting have outer dimension, bolt hole dimension and bolt hole distance. Outer dimension to determining steel pad dimension to mounting plate placed, usually different for swivel caster wheel and rigid caster wheels. Each caster wheels has its own size, usually there casters have standard, ISO standard or Japan Standard. Bolt hole dimension to determining binder bolt size while bolt hole distance to determining hole distance on steel pad in trolley.
  2. Stem casters are composed of metric threaded stem casters, inch threaded stem casters, straight stem casters, square stem casters, grip ring stem casters. You should check carefully the size of stem size, especially in thread size of the stem casters do not mistaken between metric thread and inch thread. Generally there type mounting casters use in trolleys with leg models because with their types a good performance.
  3. Caster wheels dimension determine high of trolleys, usually the larger size the greater its load capacity. If you want high load capacity casters but not height, you must choose heavy duty casters or extra heavy duty casters. Their casters have extra load capacity but has not overall high dimension. Caster wheels designed according there class of casters as light duty casters, heavy duty casters or extra heavy duty casters each class design its own size.
  4. To determining model of casters that use in your trolleys, you must know how load design your trolleys. Generally load of trolleys charge to three casters, one caster for safety in your trolleys. If your trolleys receive impact load you must choose other casters with the higher load capacity.
  5. Last you must select the appropriate type of wheel casters with floor. Basic guide soft wheels for hard floor, hard wheels for soft floor, nylon wheels for much chemical location, or many water location, polyurethane wheels can be for various types of floor or locations.

I hope the information above to add your knowledge, also can be useful.

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