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Payson Scaffold Casters

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Scaffold Caster Wheels

Payson Scaffold Casters offer the consumer a full line of all models and types casters. They offer a large selection of Scaffold Casters as well as accessories. In additional to the other types casters that are offered including standard plate casters, specialty casters, stem casters and custom casters. Payson casters offer some great specialty casters and material handling equipment.

Payson Scaffold Casters have design for standard and light duty casters, scaffold heavy duty casters and scaffold medium heavy duty plate brake casters. You can get in several sizes from each class Scaffold Casters. In Scaffold Casters standard and light duty series you can get Scaffold Casters with stems mounting types, three series size diameter and with load capacity 325 lbs to 700 lbs. See detailed product.

Payson casters offer consumers something not many other caster manufacturers have. It is called the Heavy Duty Scaffold Casters. In these series casters you can get the Scaffold Casters including with full pneumatic wheel, compatible for heavy duty towers and various stem size available. Payson casters also have product medium and heavy duty Scaffold Casters plate brake series. In this series casters have many wheels size, plate dimension and have many load capacity ranges. See detailed product.

You can purchase Payson Scaffold Casters at most hardware stores or direct at Payson Casters,Inc. They offer reliable Scaffold Casters at a very comparable price. Payson Casters are very versatile and meet or exceed the required safety requirements of the industry. You won’t be disappointed with the Scaffold Casters you purchase from the Payson brand.

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