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Piano Casters

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Things You Should Know About Piano Casters And Piano Caster Cups

Grand Piano Caster

I will give a few information free online about Piano Casters and Piano Caster Cups, I hope this a few information free online can be help for you to be choose with the right of the Piano Casters and Piano Caster Cups.  Piano Casters are small caster wheels that are attached at the legs of the pianos. As caster wheels attached at the chair, bed or shopping cart. It makes moving the equipment much easier. I am sure you must have seen caster wheels attached to some of your appliances at home.

If you from the manufacture of the pianos or you want to change of the Piano Casters, you must know to some of the matter which must be paid to attentions.

The wrong to determine of the Piano Casters can be damage to Pianos. You must choose of the Piano Casters which can support weight of the Pianos. Therefore we have to know weight of the pianos.

Piano Caster Wheel

The pianos also should be placed on a solid floor which can support their weight:

  • Small uprights: spinets/ consoles (36” to 43”) – 200 – 500 lbs
  • Studio size and full size uprights (44” to 56” +) – 300 – 1000 lbs
  • Grand pianos (4.5 – 6 feet ) – 300 – 500 lbs
  • Concert grand pianos (7 – 9 feet +) – 400 – 1000 lbs

If at all you decide to attach casters to your piano, you will need to get in touch with your dealer or manufacturer to check if the casters can indeed be attached to your piano model. Once you get the nod, you can get the Piano Casters attached to your piano.

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Piano caster cups

The pianos are heavy instruments; it is quite possible that their weight may cause markings or indentations on the floor. Of course, you definitely don’t want this to happen so you can take care of this problem by placing Piano Caster Cups below each Piano Casters.

Piano Caster Cup

You can place the Piano Caster Cups once you have decided where you want to place your piano. This will ensure that the floor remains safe from any indentations or markings. Piano Casters can be made from a variety of materials but Piano Caster Cups are normally made of wood or plastic.

The Piano Caster Cups have many models which you can be matching with color of your carpets. With transparent Piano Caster Cups or wood Piano Caster Cups or brass Piano Caster Cup can be choose as according to your appetite.

But, don’t forget you must choice of the Piano Caster Cups with load capacity according to the weight of the pianos.

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