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Pneumatic Caster

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Pneumatic caster

By Dina

Pneumatic Caster Wheel

Pneumatic Caster Wheel

The new product of the Hamilton Corporation is Cush-N-Aire Caster series 7100 of the Pneumatic Caster. These Pneumatic Caster combine the proven heavy duty forged steel of the 7000 series with the industrial casters most popular top plate 4” x 5”. The Pneumatic Caster available in indoor and outdoor application because the finish plating with bright zinc plate to prevent rust and wear.

Tire of the Pneumatic Caster cushion loads and roll well paved or concrete surfaces, these Pneumatic caster series in well suitable for aerospace ground support equipment with power towed and manual operation. Also available for sensitive cargo such as military weaponry and any other miscellaneous equipment requiring extra care during transport.

Product Feature:

If you need the Pneumatic Caster to be moved with mechanically powered equipment, Hamilton Corporation product providing for many models.

Wheel diameter of the Pneumatic Caster: diameter 8” to 25”.

Load capacity of the Pneumatic Caster: 330 lbs to 3700 lbs.

Swivel Construction: drop forged steel mounting plate and horn base. Legs 1/4″ thick on 8″, 10″, & 12″(7112 only) models; 3/8″ on 12″, 16″, 21″ and 25″; and 1/2″ on 18″ models, welded inside and outside.

Kingpin: integrally forged with mounting plate, 3/4″ diameter on 8″, 10″ & 12″ (7112 only) models; 1″ diameter on 12″-18″ models; and 1 1/4″ dia. on 21″ and 25″ models.

Main Load Bearing: large diameter raceway machined for hardened and polished steel balls.

Secondary Load Bearing: precision tapered roller bearing capped with grease retainer.

Axle: bolt and nut type: 1/2″ diameter on 8″ and 10″ roller bearing models; 3/4″ diameter on 10″ tapered bearing models and all 12″ models; 1″ diameter on all 16″ and 18″ models; 1 1/4″ on 21″ and 25″ models.

Tires: 8″, 10″, 12″ and #7116-PR are 4-ply rated; #71166-PR is 6-ply rated; #71188-PR is 8-ply rated; 21″ and 25″ models are 10-ply rated.

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