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Rigid Caster

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Rigid Caster

By Dina

Rigid Caster Wheel

Rigid Caster Wheel

If you want to make the material handling equipment as well as a trolley and need the diametrical movement in certain place that you must be uses the Rigid Caster with v-groove. The wheels with v-groove are as determinant the movement of the trolley. You can use the Rigid Caster in heavy load because these Rigid Caster with high capacity.

You also use the Rigid Caster with v-groove for caster gateway. In the gateway need the race for movement.

Product feature of the Rigid Caster:

  1. Name: Fairbanks 4in. Rigid Steel V-Groove Caster
  2. V-grove: 7/8in.W x 7/16in.D
  3. Wheel Size: 4in. x 2in.
  4. Mount Height: 5 5/8in.
  5. Capacity: 1000 Lbs.
  6. Top Plate: 4in. x 4 1/2in.

Product Description of the Rigid Caster

Grey epoxy powder coated forks. 2 1/2in. to 3in. x 3in. to 3 5/8in. bolt hole spacing. Top plate size: 4in. x 4 1/2in.. U.S.A.

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