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Rubber Casters

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Rubber Casters-Noise Reducing Solution with Right Choosing of the Wheels

By Dina

Rubber Caster

Rubber Caster

Rubber Casters or rubber caster wheels in application can be cause noise. Those are because of the vibrations carry over to the merchandise being transported on the vehicle. The application hard wheels of the rubber casters to transfer every irregularity on the floor to the chassis, these are causing the vibrations. That matter resulting substantial noise.

To decreasing noise levels, therefore regulations have been imposed in areas such as grocery deliveries. For example, only noise reducing wheels of the rubber casters can decrease the noise levels to an acceptable range for night deliveries in residential areas. Now a quite moment-choose the new noise reducing rubber casters or casters and wheels. Those are has recently been added to the wide range of the transport castors and wheels.

TENTE offers various solutions.

Rubber casters with initially standard polyamide wheels were improved.TENTE offers the “HUR” hybrid wheel for the rubber casters. A specially formulated elastic rubber ring is over-molded with high quality polyamide. Resulting in a high load carrying hub and hard polyamide tread on the rubber casters. The combination of materials used in the sandwich construction offer favorable characteristics for wheels of the rubber casters.

Additionally TENTE developed a new noise reducing wheel: POS e.g. UOT Wheel Diameter: 125mm.Rubber casters with UOT wheels with high performance materials result in a dampening effect through the axle hole. Another big advantage the rubber casters with UOT wheels is the possibility that the end-user can retrofit existing non noise-reducing rubber casters with the new noise reducing wheels. The POS wheel of the rubber casters is made of polypropylene and features a noise reducing roller bearing. The UOT wheel of the rubber casters is made of polyamide. The hub has a noise reducing precision ball bearing. The polyamide wheel is temperature resistant from – 40° C bis +80° C.

The rubber casters with the both of the wheels versions guarantee low rolls and swivel resistance.

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