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Self Braking Chair Casters Wheels

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Self Braking Chair Casters Wheels


Self Braking Chair Caster Wheels

Self braking chair casters wheels, its may also called with occupied-braking caster, automatic-braking caster or loaded-braking caster. So what is mean by self braking casters wheels? Actually it is a caster wheel mounted on a chair; several types of chairs use this caster wheel.  Then what distinguishes this chair caster with other chair caster? In principle this casters have special design on braking system. Braking systems of the casters work automatically when it receives a certain load. The difference with locking chair casters are braking system will be working at the casters locked on. Without realizing it many people have furniture’s like office chairs, hospital equipment, conference room chairs, ergonomic chairs and others equipped with self braking casters wheels.

Chair casters wheels on the market consists of several types, each casters having a different braking systems. When each caster used according with needed. Each type of braking casters are designed in accordance with the needs, therefore it should not be put on the chair to use braking casters that are not functioning. This can lead to fatal errors and can also lead to accidents. It would be better if you know the kinds of braking chair casters wheels and their functions.

Types and functions of the self braking chair casters wheels

  1. Safety-Brake casters. This caster is also known as unoccupied-braking caster, self-braking caster, automatic-braking caster, unloaded-braking caster. These casters are designed braking system work at no load. So chairs fitted with those casters when occupied it can be free to move and if not those chairs resists unwanted movement. Especially functions for injury or disabled workers and on sloping floors.
  2. Reverse-Brake casters. Casters are designed for work stools such as drafting chairs that are higher than normal chair height. In principle it’s opposite from braking casters and regularly also named occupied braking casters or loaded braking casters.

Chair with Self Braking Casters

One of product when you find of the self braking chair casters are product from Shepherd Casters. They have self braking chair casters wheels with automatically brake with or without weight.  Model PSC50223BK-U brakes when weight is applied and model PSD50223BK-U brakes without weight, rolls when weight is applied. These casters designed from injection molded engineering grade nylon and installed with urethane thread.

Not complete if you do not see a chair that uses self braking chair caster wheels. One of the chairs that use it casters is Ergonomics Egoa Armchair. It show at image is Wood Ergonomic Egoa Task Chair. You can find self braking chair caster wheel and several chair with automatic braking casters on internet online searching. I hope this information helpful for all and as guides to choose the right self braking chair caster wheels.