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Shepherd Caster

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Shepherd Caster

By Dina

Shepherd Caster Corporation with a variety of OEM markets is a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting edge mobility solution. Shepherd Caster Co. for over 50 years, with outstanding quality; on time delivery, and excellent value at competitive prices, they have prided us on responding they customers.

The product of Shepherd Caster found throughout a variety of industries including fixtures caster, carts caster, institutional equipment caster, medical equipment caster and furniture casters. Shepherd Caster have a long been a benchmark for quality and design in the industry.

Shepherd Caster has a variety of the mounting models or fastening system. Grip ring stem caster, threaded stem caster and stem less caster are the models of the Shepherd Caster with stem mounting models, there also mounting plate of the models.

One of the Some Product Shepherd Casters is Omega Elite Hooded Wheel Caster 2” and 3”

Shepherd CastersProduct Feature

Fully heat treated
Dual ball bearing raceways
High luster chrome finish
Matching chrome tread guards
Bolt-in stem assortment (3″ dia. models)
Omega features Soft 50/60A durometer, non-marking neoprene wheel with precision bearing for maximum shock absorption and excellent mobility.

Applications: Medical Equipment, electronic equipment, seating
Wheel Diameter: 2″, 3″

When you purchase a Shepherd caster, it’s a matter of pride for us and trust for you.

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