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Shepherd Casters

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Shepherd Casters Genesis Series

By Dina

Casters ShepherdShepherd Casters have released the new product with stylish design and resistance to corrosion. Genesis series are the new product from Shepherd Casters. The new product of the Shepherd Casters has become a popular choice among medical equipment casters, furniture casters, and store fixture manufacturers.

Shepherd Casters Genesis series equipped with s strong glass filled nylon body, durable polyurethane wheel, and optional easy activate tread brake. These casters will give your medical equipment or utility cart the stylish look and durability you have been searching for.

Shepherd Casters Genesis series is available in a variety of colors and fastening options. Threaded stem caster or grip ring stem caster available your choice of the Shepherd Casters Genesis series.

Product Feature and Applications Shepherd Casters Genesis Series

  • Strong polymer construction with non-corrosive components
  • Smooth sealed precision bearing swivel section
  • Innovative concealed axle design with integrated thread guards
  • For medical equipment
  • For utility Carts
  • For Store Fixtures
  • For food service equipment

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