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Shopping Cart Caster

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Many Models of Shopping Cart Casters

Shopping Cart Casters for elevator electric stair have many models, difference every model is lay in the brake system of the escalator casters. Although difference of the models brake system but any models functioning to prevent any movement forward and backward on the elevator electric stair. Trolleys with escalator casters giving safety for anyone if shopping in the supermarket when movement in the elevator.

Escalator casters models:

1. Two dishes escalator caster

  • PU escalator caster with dual dishes.
  • Diameter of the wheel 125 mm.
  • Loading capacity 80 kg.
  • Installation height 155 mm.
  • Function: can auto brake or auto lock the wheel when the trolley up or down the elevator electric stair in super market or shopping mall.
  • Product from Kailiou Caster.

2. Escalator caster with side disc lock

  • Wheel with non marking made from high grade TPR.
  • Side disc is made of super tough PU.
  • Double ballrace for steering head of swivel.
  • Precission ball bearing in wheel.
  • Diameter wheel 125 mm.
  • Load capacity 100 kg.
  • Total height 152.2 mm.
  • Mounting type: bolt hole fitting, round stem, flanged fitting.
  • Brake function: once trolley landed on the travelator, PU side disc will drop into the pit of the belt, simultaneously locks up the wheel and prevent any movement forward and backward, allowing the user and trolley a safe ride on the travelator.
  • Product from Catis Caster.

3. Three dishes escalator caster

  • Wheel diameter 125 mm.
  • Bolt hole fitting with ball bearing.
  • PU wheel three dishes with ball bearing.
  • Product from double rhombus.

Elevator Casters

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  1. Dina
    June 7th, 2010 at 00:30 | #1

    Thanks for you
    So i hope a nice day for you

    According to better me, don’t use two disc escalator caster for your trolley because
    with two disc escalator casters life time of the caster is short. I recommed use with three disc escalator casters or four disc escalator casters, you can visit more escalator casters in http://www.tente.com
    I am sory if this information not assist.


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