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Spring Loaded Casters

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Spring Loaded Casters-Reducing Noise Tips

By Dina

Spring Loaded Caster

Spring Loaded Caster

In Industrial setting noise from delivery carts has been a problem. Noise is not only unpleasant but hazardous to your hearing health. If the original of the noise is the moving of carts used for material handling that noise reduction in an industrial setting continues to be a challenge. To minimize noise are many expensive ways to design or retrofit carts but finding adequate funds in a budget is always a challenge. For many safety engineers the occurrence of noise pollution has become a serious concern. The noise pollution has become workers hearing loss form constant exposure and they unable to hear other sounds in their environment.

To improve environmental quality in a manufacturing facility and the most cost effective ways to decrease cart noise, I am sharing with you.

  1. Spring Loaded Casters with the right wheels- Certainly the harder the wheel material the more sound and vibration that will be transmitted from the floor through the wheel assembly and into the cart. To support the load with out causing premature failure the material the wheel is made of should be firm hard enough. While soft enough to minimize the vibratory effects of the wheel traveling across a less than perfect floor. The material rubber the wheel of the Spring Loaded Casters is soft enough but generally becomes mark on floor. Using the material polyurethane the wheels are able to carry industrial loads as well as provide higher pitch noise reduction. The hardness of the polyurethane range from 70 shores A to 70 shores D. It is important to note that while softer treads do a better job of reducing noise, they provide less wear resistance and are also more difficult to roll manually.

Spring Loaded Casters- Efficiency is the key a new Spring Loaded Casters design. The caster protects delicate cargo from shock and vibration, reduces noise level, and wear on floors while extending wheel and bearing life. To ensure the load is vertically aligned with the spring, the axle rides directly under the spring in the caster. A floating axle is used instead of a pivot-arm to transfer the spring action. Pre-load on the spring can also be determined and designed into the final product. Spring Loaded Casters can carry loads from a few hundred pounds to over 20,000 lbs.

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