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Stainless Casters

Why have to use stainless caster which its price is costly?

By Dina

Stainless Steel CastersStainless Casters are casters with steel component or steel part of the caster made from the stainless steel. Generally made from 304 stainless steel, however now some many casters made from 212 stainless steel with an eye to cost reduction, but stainless caster made from 212 stainless steel less nicely quality.

Stainless casters are ideal for use in a wet or corrosive environment. Stainless steel casters is also well suited for applications exposed to cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions, or other corrosive agents which could cause rust. The typical applications include pharmaceutical laboratories, hospital, food service, hotel luggage cart, hospital bed, stock cart, laundry trucks, dollies and much more!

If you use for all above usage with caster non stainless steel for certain will quickly destroy. The caster with steel component although with zinc plating still more holds up caster with stainless steel. The stainless casters are corrosive resistance with high quality. The component of the stainless caster has to according to the stainless caster. As well as steel ball made from stainless steel, bolt and nut also made from stainless steel, nipple grease made from stainless steel, for wheel of the caster stainless can with polyurethane wheel or nylon wheel.

Because caster stainless steel of costly hence there is a new design product with cost reduction. The product from Albion caster and wheel are Economy Stainless. Albion caster introduces the new E5 stainless steel caster at a price that’s. For more detailed product of the Albion caster and wheel visit www.albioninc.com

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