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Stem Casters

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Stem Casters-Total Locking Casters

By Dina

Swivel Stem Caster

Swivel Stem Caster

Stem Casters, one of the models of the casters pursuant to type mounting of the category are the Stem Casters. The Stem models as well as threaded stem, grip ring stem, stem less, wood stem, straight stem, round stem, square stem, octagon stem and angle iron stem. While the Stem Casters of the category of the load are the light duty caster, medium duty caster and heavy duty caster. The Stem Casters are useable for the furniture, hospital bed, office chair etc. Those are can be choice from the type of casters to be match.

Caster Model 3A representing the model of the Stem Casters. These casters are the institutional casters an ideal usage for any light duty application where the caster must be totally immobile when the caster brake is applied. The Stem Casters Model 3A equipped with a unique brake which locks both the wheel and the swivel bearing at the same time. This “Total-Lock” brake insures that the swivel casters will not turn when the wheel is locked. The stem casters with the total lock brake are essential for safety in some application. The stem casters with combination brake suitable application for on worktables, table saws and medical equipment. This type of the Stem Casters is desirable whenever a brake is needed because it makes a swivel caster totally immobile. The capacity of the Stem Casters Model 3A are up to 300 pounds per casters.

Casters Model 3A equipped with the wheel non-marking and all except Polyolefin can be used on hardwood floor with not leave a mark. Polyolefin wheels are the best at reducing the risk of a flat spot occurring when loads are left standing for prolong periods. Gray Soft Rubber and Polyurethane wheels have a sealed precision ball bearing. They provide floor and cargo protection, quiet operation, and are very easy rolling. Try the stem casters a set of 4 casters. You will be amazed at their performance!

Product Features:

  • Swivel Construction – the stem casters Model 3A made with Stamped steel. Swivel has double ball bearing.
  • Gray Non-marking Soft Rubber, Gray Polyurethane, Black/Gray Polyurethane, Blue/Gray, Red/Gray and Orange/Gray Polyurethane Wheels have precision sealed ball bearings (PS) shielded by full thread guards.
  • Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels have Ball Bearings (B) and do not have a thread guard.
  • Polyolefin wheels do not have ball bearings in the wheel (P).
  • Combination Wheel Brake and Swivel Lock – This brake simultaneously locks the wheel and the swivel. One step on the activating pedal instantly locks the entire caster holding the equipment firmly in place. One step on the release pedal frees the swivel and wheel.

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