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Caster Parts Dimensional Definitions:

By Dina

Swivel Caster Wheel

Swivel Caster Wheel

Bolt Hole Spacing (a x b)

In Swivel Casters mounting plate, bolt hole spacing is the distance measured from the center of the bolt hole to the opposite center of the other bolt hole.

Bore Diameter (d)

Bore diameter is the distance measured through the center of the wheel.


The maximum recommended load per caster or wheel based on intermittent operation over smooth floors at speeds not exceeding 3 M.P.H., with no shock loading or adverse environmental conditions. *Gross weight of a truck or dolly should be divided by the number of Swivel Casters or wheels on which the weight is distributed.

Caster Size (I)

A loose term for classifying Swivel Casters, based on the nominal diameter of the wheel. For example, a “6 inch caster” is any caster

Hub Length (T1)

Hub length is the widest part of the hub (including bearing assembly and thread guards).

Offset/Swivel Lead (F)

The perpendicular distance between the vertical centerlines of the kingpin and the axle of a Swivel Casters. Larger offsets afford easier swiveling, shorter offsets greater strength.

Overall Height  (H)

Overall height is the vertical distance between floor and mounting plate. (NOTE: Swivel Casters with threaded stems are measured to the top washer and do not include the length of the threaded stem).

Plate Dimension (AxB)

Plate dimension is the measured distance from one edge of the top plate to the opposite side and the distance from the other edge of the top plate to the opposite side.

Swivel Lead (J)

Swivel lead is the horizontal distance between vertical centerlines through kingpin and wheel center.

Tread Width/Face (T2)

The outer surface of the wheel, in contact with the ground. The width of the wheel tread cross-section, measured at the base of the tread rather than at the point of floor contact.

Wheel Diameter  (I)

Wheel diameter is the outer nominal diameter of the wheel.

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