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Glass Handling Caster Wheels

September 3rd, 2011 No comments

Glass Handling Caster Wheels

Glass handling caster wheels, may be foreign hear this caster, yet in actually it a quite a lot of users. These casters designed especially for manufacture of glass industry, which is a huge industry in each country.  In glass industry for material handling need casters with special design when it is have raceway system with protects against debris. Different with regular caster wheels that not have raceway protect debris system. For more detail these casters you can show on image of the glass handling caster wheels.

Glass handling caster wheels

Glass handling casters also equipped with precision ball bearing on the wheel for more add in roll ability. These casters that product from Shepherd Casters also installed with soft non-marking rubber wheel. So floors in glass industry will not be tarnished because of impassable wheels. Casters with 2” wheels diameter and 75 lbs range load capacity also often used on plant operation, conveyor system and material handling. In conveyor system these casters are usually used in inverted position mounted to conveyor systems. Steels of casters have corrosion resistance because these steels of the casters coated with zinc plated.

Other feature of glass handling caster wheels are have mounting system with threaded stem when provide with jam nuts for mounting height adjustments. If you look a catalog of glass handling caster wheels from Shepherd Casters, you can put “” on address your browser internet.