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Threaded Casters

Stem fitting casters have various models such as straight, square, tube and threaded stem fitting. Threaded casters are caster wheels that have threaded shaft on above that self-contained with casters as a part to fixing them. The threaded casters also comprise with swivel casters and rigid casters whereas the wheels of casters the same with other casters. However the most used on all applications are swivel casters. Thread types of the threaded casters are two that are caster with threaded stem metric and caster with threaded stem inch, they have diameter size miscellaneous the larger casters ever greater them.

Threaded Casters on Trolleys

Casters brake threaded post constitute threaded casters equipped with brake. In application threaded casters consist of brake and without brake. A restaurant trolley normally use two threaded brake casters and two threaded without brake casters there will also be use all threaded brake casters. If the trolleys need stay condition and not move easily use the threaded casters with all brake. But if the way of trolley is even, not heaving and not up-and-down can be using the casters all without brake.

The ideals threaded casters mounted on trolleys has legs that is can enhance the appearance them. The Trolley in these models can see on several places almost everywhere. Example in home trolleys has home helper trolleys, TV plasma trolleys, kitchen trolleys; in restaurant trolleys there food service trolleys, cleaning service trolleys, shaft trolleys and more other places. In hospitals, supermarkets, offices often found trolleys that use threaded stem casters.

Threaded casters have the special benefits that have not other casters models. If home kitchen trolleys not use threaded casters models, the shape trolleys impose the casters position. Whereas if you use threaded casters can still be set from the casters, trolleys can be set high and low altitude and flatness. So if your trolleys with not same on the four legs, you can be set from casters. There are special benefits if your kitchen, hospital and restaurant trolleys use threaded casters.

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