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Threaded Stem Caster

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Measurement the stem size of your casters

By Dina


Threaded Stem Casters

Threaded Stem Casters

Many types the stem casters are grip ring stem caster, grip neck stem caster, and Threaded Stem Caster. Threaded Stem Caster is not telling the size of this with a ruler. A simple method to determining the size of thread size of the Threaded Stem Caster is fit with nut. Find a nut that fits the stem. The size of the nut will tell you the thread size of the Threaded Stem Caster. For the right measurement size stem caster of the Threaded Stem Caster is with thread gauges. The stem caster size of the Threaded Stem Caster determines the thread pitch and outside diameter of threaded stem. The US standard of thread or metric standard thread so must be determined. Use US thread gauge for measure the thread with US standard and metric gauge for measure the thread with metric standard. Those gauges so measure the diameter of the thread stem and long of the thread stem.

The function of the “grip ring” is to holding caster in the hole of the leg chairs. The grip ring which compresses when inserted in the holes in bottom of the chair.  The Shape of the grip ring is the “C” metal clip. To measuring grip ring stem used a ruler. Place the ruler perpendicular to the length of the stem at the middle (not near the top or the ring). Most casters that have a grip ring stem have 7/16″ stem diameter. If the stem of your caster is 7/16″ diameter it will measure slightly less than the 1/2″ mark on the ruler. The only other grip ring stem diameter is 3/8″. On a ruler, 3/8″ appears half way between the 1/4″ and the 1/2″ marks. This method not used to measure of the Threaded Stem Caster.

If you need to measure the size of grip neck stem, use the open-end wrenches. There should be a little wiggle between the wrench and the stem.

Find the circumference to Determine the Diameter of the Stem

Threaded-Stem-Caster-2Cut a small piece of paper about ½” wide and about 3” long. These method measurements are approximate. Start to wrap the paper around the stem of your old caster. Wrap the paper so that it overlaps the beginning edge of itself. Where the paper intersects the beginning edge, make a mark with a pencil or pen. Try to make this mark as accurately as possible and make sure that the paper is wrapped tightly around the stem. Now, let’s take that paper and use some geometry from high school. The diameter of a circle can be found if you know the circumference of the circle. Well you just measured the circumference by using your paper. Measure your paper from the beginning edge to the mark that you made.

Using the formula d = circumference / 3.1416

We’ve done the math for you below.

Threaded-Stem-Caster-3If you measured 1 3/8″ -

You need 7/16″ Diameter Stems.

If you measured 1 3/16


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