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Threaded Stem Casters

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Metric Threaded Stem Casters

Metric Threaded Stem Casters

Metric Threaded Stem Casters representing one of stem fitting casters models. These casters have stem fitting a thread with metric dimension or standard. Other casters have stem fitting with inch dimension. Metric Threaded Stem Casters can be option when you choose casters with stem mounting models.

Cool Caster is one of manufacturer and product selling casters with metric Threaded Stem Casters. These casters representing of the metric Threaded Stem Casters are #1000 Medical / Industrial casters. It’s mean the casters available application on medical equipment or Industrial application. These casters have high performance seen from designs, models and additional option brake or without brake.

Metric Threaded Stem Casters made by Cool Caster have “Rear” models of brake. These casters made with polymide + glass fiber material of the housing casters, wheel material from polypropolyne Core with Thermosplastic Elastomers Tread. Range load capacity of these casters is 60-80 kgs. Light grey or dark grey color of the wheel can be choice on these casters.

For more detailed on this product you can look in Coolcasters.com

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