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Threaded Stem Replacement Caster for Office Chairs

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If a question: “why many people use the office chairs with exiting casters?” They have answers to that question and form a part of purpose from their using the office chair. The below list their desirability and purpose use their office chairs with threaded stem casters:

  1. They want easily shifted the office chairs and have a flexible movement when they sit on office chairs.
  2. They did not want his office floor damaged by wearing the wrong office chairs.
  3. Generally office chair broken on wheels, so they want an easily in casters replacement.

In principle all people want in their office have the office chairs that delicious accoupid, not make the body sick and no damage floor office.

In here that a few tips when choose a office chair casters:

  • Choose the office chair equipped with threaded stem casters because an easy in casters replacement.
  • Choose the casters with nonmarking wheels because this wheels not imprint on the floor.
  • Choose the casters with minimum diameter of the wheels 2” not to damage the carpet in your office.
  • Choose the office chair equipped with wheel casters have double wheels.
  • Office chair casters have wheel with cup wheel.
  • Choose the hard caster wheels if you have carpet floor.

I hope this information increase your knowledge and can be useful for you who are find a office chair casters.

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