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Wheel Bearing Noise

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Tips Identifying Wheel Bearing Noise of Hospital Bed

Wheel bearing noise, the generally trick of identifying a wheel bearing problem of hospital bed casters is to see whether the noise remains same while accelerating or decelerating. You can also push of hospital bed forward and backward to find which of the wheels casters (left/right/front/rear) that emits sound of a damaged bearing. The noise originating from wheel bearing caster doesn’t change with changing speeds; it however, rises or lowers while turning.

Hospital Bed Caster Wheels

One can therefore; say that a noise heard at regular intervals while pushing of the hospital bed at steady speeds is a sign of bearing problem. Wheel bearing noise should not be confused with the noise produced by a damaged cup wheel; it is a completely different problem and should be dealt with separately. The noise produced by bearings is due to lack of lubrication or because of damage. Friction generated in dry areas of the bearing, results in a humming sound which repeats itself at regular intervals. The sound can also be called bad wheel bearing noise.

It is necessary to have a mechanism to lift the hospital bed for spinning the wheels in order to diagnose the problem of wheel bearing noise. If there is any problem in the wheel bearing, one can hear a noise. Lifting the hospital bed is necessary to determine the side from which noise originates. Activity of wiggling the wheel back and forth also helps in checking whether the wheel is loose.

The article on bad wheel bearing symptoms helps us get into the details of this problem. That someone is sick lying on hospital bed need comfortable conditions, the wheel bearing noise sound at the time of hospital beds is driven by the Sisters of the treatment room to room inn makes the patient uncomfortable. Therefore the condition of the hospital bed caster wheels should remain silent. To preserve it we must always take care to always provide lubricant to the ball bearing of caster wheels or if the ball bearing is damaged then immediately replace it or replace with new hospital bed caster wheels.

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