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Wheelchair Gloves

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Benefits of Wheelchair Gloves for Users


Wheelchair Gloves

As someone normally uses a wheelchair would only occasionally, perhaps when the pain we are forced to use a wheelchair. In contrast everyday people with disabilities use wheelchairs. They use the hands to engine, steering and breaking. Their hands are the backbone to able to moving. They hands are exposed to constant friction and heat generated by pushing, stopping and turning.

Wheelchairs user they hands often experience numbed and desensitized in cold and wet weather. Especially for athletes and wheelchairs owners are particularly vulnerable to the damage and irritation caused by constant use and exposure. Many of all wheelchair users experience blisters, abrasions, and lacerations.

Worse yet they may experience “ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) ” where the patient will experience intermittent numbness of the thumb, index, long and radial half of the ring finger and a potentially debilitating body condition. Several researches in this area suggest that carpal tunnel syndrome may be the result of nerve compression which occurs during forceful exertions with the hand and wrist in hyper flexion or hyperextension.

The heel of the hand too often repetitive strikes against to push rim of the wheelchair so it cause numbness and pain of the thumb and fingers. The hands not designed to withstand the repetitive impact and constant contact with wheelchair push rim.

Then, how to overcome it? One of ways to protection the effects of constant stress and exposure to the hands are with wheelchair gloves. Hand injury can minimized when use the properly designed wheelchair gloves. The wheelchair gloves to be help to protection against skin damage caused by starting, stopping and turning of the wheelchair. Also can protecting against injury caused by vibrations and repeated impact, improved stopping and maneuverability.

Unfortunately, many gloves marketed as a wheelchair gloves a fail and low quality. Many the wheelchair gloves will fall apart under intense usage, damage and not according with wheelchair users. The requirements of an athlete can be different from a moderately active person who is using a wheelchair in cold weather, while the needs of a person with limited hand function are different from those of a person who is experiencing a great deal of vibration or impact to the hand. It is important that every active wheelchair user protect their hands using quality wheelchair gloves which were designed for their specific need. We recommended to see more offer one of product wheelchair gloves with high quality on product detailed

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